It's all about real-time reporting

While we are known for our websites, we think the rest of our data iceberg is far more interesting.

In short, we solve "human interaction with digital" [data flow] problems of any kind.

For most of those who use our service, this is using Holographs' SiriusOS Reporting Platform.

Across all KPIs we are measuring, our customers can know what's happening "in the moment".
Following the simple interactive chart below is an explanation of the global enterprise service we provide.


A brief history for context

In 1960 IBM, other major computer manufacturers and software houses began to deliver in house computing services to big businesses of the time. Primarily, systems for Inventory Management & Control and Manufacturing Resource Planning. Business data arising from this was only available to a very few, and even then not in a particularly useful timeframe or depth.
By the late 1980s, and up to today, companies moved to lower cost, 'IT' managed, in house and hosted computers; together with commissioning  Enterprise Resource Planning 'ERP'  solutions from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, JDE and Navision. These provided much more information to the senior teams but often still in a form requiring the likes of Dunnhumby or Nielsen to provide useful insight - usually 6-12 months after the data was created. It is, and remains to this date the case that it is hard to modify, adapt or tailor these long standing solutions.
In response to this; starting properly after the Dot-com bubble bursting; many digital systems have been built on the internet backbone and dubbed 'Software as a Service*' to provide a similar range of solutions. The problem being that the bigger task was considered more or less impossible, creating a new, holistic (you have to let us have that one) approach to the use of data in business. Everything from websites and their forms, to the exact number of bottles produced on Line 33 at 8am on Saturday morning - finishing with a CEO view of realtime P&L**.

*    Holograph SiriusOS Platform is available both as SaaS or Self Hosted to our specifications
** This will depend on how much of our platform you wish to use and the data suppliers used outside of that which can be gathered and managed within your existing business infrastructure


Who would take that on?

In their own way all the of the big incumbents have, or have tried, but in all cases with a Solutions Integration 'SI' approach, ie bolting on good-looking third party kit to existing bloated systems. Net result? Generally poor performance and always a focus in the wrong place; especially where consideration for the [customer] user experience is concerned.
So that's where we come in, we did take on the challenge - all the while honing our skills in design and UX - producing some of the best websites in the UK market while we we were at it. Modern solutions integration has it's place, we are integrated with some of the biggest systems on the planet such as Amadeus GDS, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Brandbank (EU1169 compliant), Highcharts, Okta and many more.

Network 2018

We bring all this together in real-time visuals


We bring all this together in real-time visuals


We bring all this together in real-time visuals

DataSet3 2

In a sense (geeky bit)  we have built a backbone similar to old mainframe logic, using the latest pieces. Then spent 20 years as a core team developing and delivering this service to a range of clients from airlines to high-street mega brands.
We believe we have succeeded in creating a secure, flexible and  powerful platform within which you can base your businesses core data, and connect all your businesses, staff, suppliers and consumers in one embedded system. While still leveraging existing legacy systems where possible and smart third party tools for those that can show their system follows the same rigour ours does for Data Security (UK Law and guidelines from ICO/GDPR/PCI).

Sounds bold? Test us, we save businesses a great deal of money by using their data better.


Our range of service

We are a team of 30 specialists, each with an interesting story to tell. Throughout the years, we have progressed from developing proprietary websites and ecommerce systems, to expanding into other sectors such as Machine Learning (A.I), Robotics and Wearable technology.
We continually extend our flagship Digital Marketing Platform, SiriusOS, to ensure we can push the boundaries within the I.T industry to deliver highly-innovative products and online ‘connected’ solutions.
We've learned how to scale for our clients, by example we now offer 'nodes' of Holograph to our customers to allow them to manage significant parts of the hosting of our solution themselves or keep data where they need it.
Together, our technical team has over 200 years engineering and software development experience, including highly specialised electrical and mechanical engineers who have worked on projects from the original Teletext broadcast systems to threat assessment systems for the MOD.

Together we design and develop cutting-edge digital solutions (inc. hardware) for a range of industries;

SiriusOS Platform

Predictive Analytics through effective strategic planning, marketing & advertising


GDPR Practitioners, we have processes for protecting your data [be ready for May 2018]


Real-time data reporting, including live business performance [SAP compatible]


Product Purchase Gamification [Unique coding, online game engines etc.]


Tracking out of home advertising, in field sales force, sampling and more


Automated and enhanced delivery of service [from new product development to consumers hand]


Lookinglass® Tracking and Digital Point of Sale [now with 'at a distance' interaction]

'Traditional' SAAS Supplier Model

  • Data Intelligence Supplier
  • Consumer Care CRM Supplier
  • PIM Supplier (integrated with Brandbank)
  • Website & Intranet Supplier
  • Mobile App Supplier
  • Text 2 Win Supplier
  • Unique Code Campaign Supplier
  • Fulfillment Management Supplier
  • High End Hosting Supplier


  • All these services, integrated; Yes
  • Globally scalable; Yes
  • More cost effective; Much
  • Need another unique selling point?
  • Add your Sales data too, then we can create stunning dashboard(s) with your entire operations Key Performance Indicators; then add machine learning to help monitor your business performance and alert you to any risks or anomalies - in near real time.

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