Our Story

Everyone has a story. Ours involves helping brands tell theirs via exceptional digital experiences.

Throughout the years, we have accomplished this by developing proprietary websites and eCommerce systems for businesses of all types, sizes and geographies. But we are always evolving, and have expanded into other sectors such as machine learning, AI, robotics and wearable technology.

We never settle, and neither should you. That's why we continually extend our Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to ensure we push the boundaries within the IT industry and deliver you the most highly-innovative products and online 'connected' solutions we can.

We've learned how to scale for our clients, offering 'nodes' of Holograph to our customers to allow them to manage significant parts of the hosting process themselves or keep data where they need it.

Content Stream

Our new Content Stream Creator provides a straightforward toolkit for creating and editing well-optimised content, from product pages and case studies to your latest news.

Data Stream

For times you need to dig deeper, our Advanced Reporting enables you to analyse customer and campaign data in depth.

Consumer relationship

A market leading FMCG CRM used by businesses worldwide. Let us look after you so that you can spend your time and energy looking after your consumers.

Product Information Manager

Our Product Information Management (HOLOPIM) allows you to manage critical product data in one place.

Content Management System

Be searchable. Be Visible. Be Present. Secure your place at the top of search engine results with optimised web pages using our Content Management System.

Together we design and develop cutting-edge digital solutions (inc. hardware) for a range of industries

Predictive Analytics

Enhance your strategic planning, marketing and advertising

Automated and enhanced delivery of service

Guide your idea from new product development to your consumers' hands

Compliance Tools

Utilise the fulfilment system to collect, share and analyse brand or promotional data

Product Reviews

Build trust, loyalty and credibility with honest user reviews

Email Marketing

Design, build and evaluate email campaigns to strengthen user engagement

Real-time data reporting

Monitor your business's performance live and on-demand (SAP compatible)

Product Purchase Gamification

Utilise unique coding, online game engines, and more