Digital Experience Platform

Over the last 20 years, we've worked with some of the biggest consumer brands in the world to help them deliver insightful, engaging and hugely successful digital campaigns at scale.

During this time, our Digital Experience Platform (DXP) has evolved into one of the world's most sophisticated and comprehensive systems to support perceptive digital marketing, yet remains simple to use.

Engaging with consumers and managing their data at every stage of the funnel is our bread and butter, here's how we do it:



Holograph DXP stores, connects and helps make sense of all the data your business gathers day-to-day. We can help you make the most of all the valuable information you glean from awareness campaigns such as Facebook ads or Display Networks, on-pack offer campaigns, SMS, email, affiliates events and more.

Lucozade Energy

Lucozade Energy delivered a fun and engaging campaign with prizes to drive Lucozade Energy's launch sampling for half the sugar products partnering with Deliveroo. Holograph were to develop an On Pack Offer (OPO) where users would find a unique 6 digit code on Lucozade Energy cans.


Big Berry Bash is an event created by Ribena to give parents and children a chance to visit vibrant farms where Ribena's blackcurrants are grown. Big Berry Bash saw four berry farms across the UK welcome hundreds of visitors from near and far.


Our team delivered translation and reporting tools for the first global promotion for one of Mars Inc's biggest brands.

SEO optimised website via our CMS

Knowledge is power, and when it comes to digital experiences we have loads of it. Our team have over a decade of experience in web development and SEO best practice, and are well equipped to help you create engaging web pages using our Content Management System.

Content Stream Creator

Our new Content Stream Creator provides a straightforward toolkit for creating and editing well-optimised content, from product pages and case studies to your latest news.

Specific landing pages created for PPC

Create a landing page with content for your target audience including specific keywords.

Digital Ads

Generate leads and build awareness of your brand using targeted digital advertising.

Content and Social Media Management

At Holograph, we understand content is King. To remain relevant in the fast-moving digital landscape, we offer a vast range of tailored content packages that will help you tell the story of your brand to a broader audience, as well as a range of social media management packages to assist you in building relationships and growing your follower base.

2: Engage and Encourage the Sale

We've got your compliance covered! We store your consumers' engagement with your content and safely and securely capture any relevant CRM data, including PII to GDPR standards. We serve and tag all the content first from dynamic consumer forms to integration with Brandbank.

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Gain insight from engagement across all channels. Holograph DXP stores, connects and helps you make sense of all your data from awareness campaigns through to in-store offers, SMS, email, affiliates events and beyond.


Our dynamic Product Information Management (PIM) solution enables you to store and manage product data in a single, secure platform.

Campaigns and Ecommerce

Draw insight from your customer communications with the sales team to live sales data all in one place, allowing you to better serve your customers and retain them long term.

DMS manager

Data is at the core of what we do, and it's likely that loads of it is generated by the things that your business does day to day! Thankfully, you don't need to be an expert to leverage this information to your advantage. Whether you simply need a snapshot of how many users engaged with an email or want to know how many contacted your customer care team this week, our tools have you covered with consumable dashboards and real-time insights for a glimpse of the data most important to you whenever you need it.


Our connected platform allows you to track customers through the funnel and engage them along the way. Holograph ecommerce & CRM allow you to use multiple methods to support vouchers, trial a product and perform other consumer care functions. We'll capture all the necessary data, store it securely and make it available in scorecards, dashboard and live data stories so that you can focus your energy on turning those insights into action instead.

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Campaign and Ecommerce

Our platforms can help you gain insight into your customers' levels of engagement with emails, campaigns or social, keep track of how much contact your customer care team have had with your audiences and learn from your live sales data.


Manage competitions, T2W, gamification and instant wins easily and effortlessly.

Winner Tools

Reward your consumers for their loyalty or engagement with your brand a prize draw, all whilst collecting their contact info to keep the relationship going.


The customer journey is never over, and our DXP allows you to maintain and evolve your relationship over time. From encouraging them to leave a review of their experience to offering a discount for sharing on social, we'll help you keep the pipeline open for future brand interactions.

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Cookie Tracking

Track consumer behaviour and product insights effortlessly and in real time.

CRM Database

Users create a profile to complete purchases, which is then stored in the DMS for easier access client records and manage queries.

Epik CRM

Access client records to manage product queries/ comments quickly and more efficiently.

Product Reviews

Discover elegant Holograph Data Stories in real-time, providing in-the-moment awareness and the opportunity to adapt as required.


Holograph DXP connects with 3rd party review aggregators like Bazaarvoice and TrustPilot to help you build your brand's credibility online. Real-time and advanced reporting help you to learn from and build on consumer insights, so that you can always deliver the best .

Lucozade Energy

This campaign took advantage of our intricate Winner Tools which encompass the sophisticated mechanic of the competition, branded assets, Fulfilment interface to manage winners, and automated emails.


Securely store submissions into EPIK CRM with Fulfilment Tools to assist in the organisation of events. Data is shared in real-time, allowing LRS teams to respond accordingly and manage the customer experience.

Real-time and Advanced Reporting

Learn what you need to know when you want to know it with Real-time Reporting. And for times you need to dig deeper, our Advanced Reporting enables you to analyse customer and campaign data in immense depth.

Data Management

Utilise purchase data for brand campaigns, competitor analysis and eCommerce Management.