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Savile Row Men’s Tailor Alexandra Wood Chooses Holograph to Design Sleek New Website

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Savile Row Men’s Tailor Alexandra Wood, whose clothes have appeared on GQ’s Best Dressed list, has chosen cutting-edge digital specialists Holograph to create a sleek, fresh e-commerce site to showcase her new ready-to-wear men’s collections. The new range is specifically targeted at stylish men aged 35-plus with a lifestyle that means looking great every day is a priority.

The new e-commerce platform, due to launch in September 2019, will also feature the more personalised, appointment-based approach, which is a wardrobe designed especially for the individual in mind, in made to measure or bespoke. Holograph will be providing a true end-to-end service for Alexandra Wood, from brand guardianship to sleek product visuals via images and videos.

The website itself will be focused on clear user direction, with inbuilt optimisation for Google and other search engines, together with the latest in integrated e-commerce facilities, from videos and Stripe payment system to advanced user profiles. Holograph will be creating their finest example yet of user-led e-commerce experience. More than simply a digital agency, Holograph offer multi-faceted solutions to sophisticated web design, SEO, and tech innovation, combined with a truly bespoke approach.

On why she chose to work with Holograph, Alexandra Wood says: “The passion that Holograph has shown for my project was really exciting. I didn’t want to work with an agency where they do this all day long and where there’s no real personal touch. They want to know the ins and outs of whom the customer really is and what they want them to see and my vision for the business and my love of simplicity matched with stunning design. The Holograph platform is exactly what I needed, cost effective and comprehensive.

“Several other agencies were aiming to provide a lot of things I didn’t need - such as branding which I already had, and a development of the customer objective which I also already have – in both cases Holograph have understood my aims and ambitions offering to re-enforce those values rather than re-invent. Holograph’s enthusiasm and passion outweighed the competition by miles! I also liked how technically advanced Holograph are and we are discussing using their Lookinglass® Dynamo™ screen technology in the future, with the potential to create holograms, digital clothing projections and more exciting new features. Watch this space!”

Holograph founder and CEO, Marc Woodhead says of the collaboration: “We are incredibly passionate about all our work and see an opportunity to help Alexandra realise her ambition to become internationally known for being one of the best men’s tailors and clothing brands around. That is what we look for in a new project and gives us the most pleasure in working to achieve.”

A slick online presence is of ever-increasing importance for all retailers within the fashion industry. Alexandra is fully aware that having the right website has the power to take her brand to the next level. She explains what the collaboration with Holograph means to her business: “I’m so excited to be working with a company that truly understands my vision. I’ve never wanted to stay a small company and Marc believed fully in the idea I wished to create and it’s clear that this is going to be something really very special. We’re taking things to a whole new level and Holograph getting into my head to realise the dream is not only crazy but very thrilling!”

About Alexandra Wood

Alexandra Wood is a Savile Row, Men's Tailor, with a serious eye for style and cut whose clothes have appeared on GQ's Best Dressed list. Tony Parsons, GQ Columnist & Author, named Alexandra as “Tailor of the 21st Century”.

Alexandra Wood launched her business in 2007, vowing to create a business that was passionate about making Tailoring and the customer experience far more fun and exciting, and to challenge her customers to try something new. She understood that the thought of Savile Row & Tailoring can be daunting. Alexandra Wood design, style and create made to measure and bespoke tailoring, taking into consideration customer’s skin tone, lifestyle and body shape, to make sure they’re looking their very best for all occasions in life.

Alexandra refuses to make anything black unless it’s a dinner suit.


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