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The promotion of business, product or brand are projected through electronic platforms such as desktop, tablet and increasingly, mobile. A core element of this is digital marketing; a process of integrating a customer’s experience with these various platforms through, what is becoming, an increasing number of digital channels. Developing an effective Digital Marketing Strategy is becoming a high priority for businesses as the proportion of the global population with access to the internet is increasing by 10% year on year. With mobile access accounting for 25% of all web usage  and 30% of this (5.2 Billion) being smartphone users, it is essential that businesses are aware of the latest digital advances in order to stay ahead of the competition.* 

* Figures from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Buyers (2014)

This rapid expansion of mobile technology is transforming the way in which businesses address their marketing strategies. Customers are now able to engage with brands from anywhere and at any time, giving businesses the opportunity to connect with their audience on a more personable level. Without an understanding of how customers use mobile technology to interact with others, consume content and more importantly, purchase items, business will be limited in their ability to reach out to their customers.

Global internet advertising saw a 16% increase between 2008 and 2013. So, in terms of promotion and advertising opportunities, a knowledge of the very latest digital platforms is crucial to the successful marketing of any business.

Campaign Development and Management

Growth of online means need to communicate and promote online – effectively. With many years of experience in delivering campaign strategies carefully designed to fit the business needs of the client, targeting specific audiences.

Creative Services

At InFX we like to ‘Think Different’.  This is an ethos we apply to all areas of our work, meaning we are able to provide the communication solutions needed to gain the highest possible return on investment in the shortest period of time. 

What we can do

Using the InFX SiriusOS Data Management System (DMS), our clients are able to segment customer and prospect databases to design and execute carefully targeted eNewsletter campaigns. Our team of experts have years of experience in delivering clearly branded messages to prospective customers, ensuring continuity in brand message and establishing a trusted and lasting relationship between customer and client.

The InFX team work closely with clients to plan an affiliate marketing strategy, identifying the partners that will have the biggest impact on business and best represent an online brand. 

Affiliate Marketing

A means of selling products by signing up companies (affiliates) or businesses who then market the company’s products for a commission, with the intention of gaining access to untapped markets. Businesses can get involved in two ways; by either offering an affiliate program or signing up to be the affiliate of another business. By introducing a product or offer through a trusted company or ‘affiliate’, this allows businesses the possibility to reach prospects they may have been unable to reach previously. Affiliate marketing, when managed correctly can serve as an effective extension to existing sales strategies. However, it is fundamental to work with only carefully selected partners who are able to represent the brand.