Home Buying Expert – A Holograph Success Story

Holograph collaborated with Home Buying Expert to create a comprehensive and integrated marketing tool that has since quadrupled Home Buying Expert's organic website conversions.

Home Buying Expert does exactly what it says on the tin - the brand offers expert advice on buying homes, whether you’re a first-time buyer, looking to re-mortgage, or buying to let. However, it is known that consumers are easily bogged down by financial services when scouring the internet for accessible information, trying to complete lengthy forms, or making sense of industry jargon. Therefore, Holograph has engineered an effortless, consolidated marketing tool for Home Buying Expert to utilise as part of its omnichannel marketing approach, creating a stress-free experience for customers. The collaboration began with Holograph revitalising the Home Buying Expert brand, then the team crafted a website aimed at bringing that brand message to the largest possible audience. The site optimises SEO techniques and puts the user at its core to maximise data capture while complying with GDPR. Alongside this, Holograph built an integrated platform that seamlessly integrates the website with Home Buying Expert’s CRM, Google Analytics and Google Ad campaigns. Seth East, Director of Home Buying Expert shares his experience of Holograph, stating “other digital companies don’t work with you in the way Holograph does. I needed to monitor and evaluate end-to-end customer journeys and track behaviours in our CRM, all whilst managing data in a straight-forward and secure way. Holograph has given me this opportunity and supported my business goals throughout the process. You’re only limited to your imagination with these guys.” Home Buying Expert also wanted to build a strong, friendly brand that would stand out in the sea of corporate, impersonal financial sites. Taking a user-centric approach was, therefore, essential to provide support and reduce tension in what is already an overwhelming time for many home buyers. This, in turn, aids Home Buying Expert to guide users through appropriate marketing funnels to determine the best outcome for users, all whilst upholding business’ KPIs. When asked why Holograph, Seth asserted that the organisation is flexible, innovative, and allowed him to customise features he needed to suit his business objectives, such as data integration with third-party tools. “Holograph's data management system and CMS are intuitive and unconstrained. Other companies are rigid, can only push themselves so far, and put you into a box. Holograph recognised my goals, allowing me to liaise directly with highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals such as software engineers, front-end designers, and testing analysts to build the best marketing tools for my brand.” The collaboration with Home Buying Expert comes at a time where consumers' financial security and market uncertainty is a fear for many. Nonetheless, Holograph has assisted in building a dependable, user-friendly brand, that has the back-end tools and integration to support ongoing business development. Home Buying Expert now stands out as a unique service and with the help of Holograph has quadrupled its organic website conversions. With specialist information and access to hundreds of mortgages, the teams can now fully support customers through every step of their home buying journey.