Holograph DXP: The glue that binds all your digital innovation

Seamless Integration Capabilities.

Holograph Takes Pride in its ‘Integrate with anything’ Services.

Our robust integration framework is designed to connect with a vast array of systems, applications and third-party services.

This harmonisation not only simplifies operations but also empowers you to leverage the full potential of your tech stack, allowing for a more agile response to market demands and consumer needs.

Digital Ecosystem

Digital Ecosystem

Where Technology meets Consumer Engagement

This Ecosystem facilitates engagement through various digital touch-points like websites, mobile apps and social media platforms.

Brands can adapt to consumer behaviours in real-time, ensuring relevance and maximising retention.


Product Information Manager integrated with Brandbank

(EU1169 Compliant)
Simplify product management and boost efficiency.

This tool is invaluable for FMCG brands looking to maintain up-to-date product listings, enhance their online presence and improve consumer satisfaction, allowing brands to focus on growth and innovation.

EHS System

Environmental Health and Safety System integrated with CRM

Ensure workplace safety and compliance.

Our EHS system is a comprehensive solution designed to help FMCG business proactively manage safety, reduce risks and ensure regulatory compliance. Using this system not only protects your workforce but also supports sustainable operations, aligning with both corporate and environmental standards.

Fulfilment Tools

Prize and Product Fulfilment Tools

Transforming prize delivery management.

Holograph’s fulfilment tools are designed to streamline the process of managing and delivering winning prizes to consumers, ensuring a seamless and positive experience for both brands and their consumers.