M&M's Global Character Elections

First global promotion for Mars. Real-time voting map for consumers. International legal variations. 29 countries, 24 languages, 1.2m entries. Holograph had just 3 months to develop a translation management tool and variable promotion mechanic reporting to support the first-ever international M&M's promotion.

M&M's Global Character Elections Campaign

The Stats

29 countries 24 languages 3 months to first live 1.2m entries

The Challenge

Mars M&M’s are a familiar household name, whether it’s the original peanut or contemporary salted caramel, you’ve probably enjoyed a packet of M&M’s. Our team were brought on board to develop a translation management tool and measurement and promotion reporting to aid the first ever international brand promotion. Our team delivered translation and reporting tools for the first global promotion for one of Mars Inc’s biggest brands. M&M’s Global Character Elections world-wide campaign was complex; competition data needed to be shared in real-time, the promotion had to meet international language and legal variations, and Brand/Project Managers required straightforward translation tools to run the promotion smoothly. 

The Solution

Developed a multi-lingual global voting system and user-facing interface where language and images could be varied for each country. This also meant a branded website was built for each country involved. The campaign was successfully delivered in a short time-frame - just 3 months to get the first website live- showcasing Holograph's flexibility, stamina and efficiency. A real-time map would change colour as consumers voted depending on which M&M was winning in each country. On top of this we built an easy to use Translation Management Tool (TMT) that allowed for promotional/legal document administration with varying levels of access for workflow management. Documents could be translated, and their version history reviewed, as well as email notifications triggered when documents were updated for local users to action.