Lucozade Energy - 'Winning Never Tasted so Good' Deliveroo

Digital campaign with an on pack offer for Lucozade Energy 'Half the Sugar' partnering with Deliveroo to giveaway instant win prizes.

LUCOZADE ENERGY 'Winning Never Tasted so Good' Deliveroo

The Stats

Over 60K total entries Total landing page visits over 100k Almost 1k entries per day 43% of entries were repeat consumers

The Challenge

Deliver a fun and engaging campaign with prizes to drive Lucozade Energy’s launch sampling for half the sugar products partnering with Deliveroo. Holograph were to develop an On Pack Offer (OPO) where users would find a unique 6 digit code on Lucozade Energy cans. Codes had to be generated in advance to be printed on cans, with an impartial mechanic in place to automatically choose winners. The code would be entered online where in the first leg of the campaign users submitted an entry, and in the second leg a user would instantly know if they had won or not. Therefore, branded landing pages and automated emails were required too.

The Solution

A unique 6 digit code generated by Holograph and printed on Lucozade Energy cans for users to enter online. The Holograph DXP toolkit provided the web platform and instant win mechanic to host the campaign. The campaign ran in parallel to the Lucozade Energy 'Zero to Pay' at Missguided OPO on the Lucozade Energy website, meaning campaign information needed to be easily accessible for LRS to manage the two. The Fulfilment interface allowed internal users to access campaign data, with branded real-time reporting dashboards created to share snapshots of competition entries. This allowed LRS to review the success of the campaign and evaluate it against business KPIs as it ran.