The next step in non contact brand interaction

• Contactless Interaction & Payment
• Advertising Platform with Intelligence
• Accurate User Journey Tracking

• Real-time Environment Telemetry

•  Remote Content & Planogram Management
•  Mobile App API, another contactless option

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A new way to reduce surface contact exposure. FOCUSTRACK® screen control.

Built to be versatile, LOOKINGLASS® can be used in a multitude of applications from signage and vending to multi-machine fully automated shopping experiences.

Designed to optimise the consumer purchasing journey, while providing class leading environmental statistics.

A new route to increased sales and additional revenue streams.

Automated Retail Solutions
Technology you know
But now Artificially Intelligent 

Please watch the video on your right (or below!) and note the dynamic change in content when our actor looks at the machine. FOCUSTRACK® provides a world leading focus tracking solution accurate at over 3m and effective to within 50cm. 

LOOKINGLASS® allows businesses to track consumer attention and movements to gather useful analytical data to help make important decisions.
Integrated live and dynamic reporting, keeping your infrastructure management team on top of performance while sales and marketing can see real-time sales, income from advertising and exactly how your consumers are interacting.

Tailored to suit a multitude of needs

Data capture

LOOKINGLASS® offers  unprecedented data capture, using focus tracking technology to capture footfall near the machine and users' interaction with the machine such as which products and adverts they have looked at.


More extraordinarily, it can also capture the users dwell time - their interest in the advertising or contents by monitoring how long someone looks at the product or advertising.

Entice over

What's really fun is that LOOKINGLASS® can use great creative to engage with potential consumers from a distance, enticing them to 'come over'.

Room to Advertise, Engage & Sell

Our experiential platform, powered by FOCUSTRACK®, enables both vending and signage owners to sell or use space for programmatic advertising - in the case of vending with at least 25% greater screen real estate in comparison to alternatives on the market. 

LOOKINGLASS® includes a social media engine for even more creative use of the platform. Behind the scenes it leverages the power of our Digital Experience Platform SiriusOS which has been used on global FMCG brand campaigns for over 9 years; allowing the marketing teams to create dynamic and interactive user experiences which are significantly more advanced than the competitors. 

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Programmatic Advertising Platform
Earn money from your digital realestate
Integrated advertising platform
Real-time Telemetry

Count Footfall Past Machine 

Count Head Turns and Dwell Time for Adverts

Interface Changes Users Range

Monitor User View Points (FOCUSTRACK®)

Remote telemetry

Online Planogram Management
& A.I. Powered Re-Ordering
Remote planogram management
Integrated NFC Closed Loop Cashless Payment

QR Code Payment
Payment Solution of Your Choice

Cashless payment


FOCUSTRACK® Interaction Control
Voice & Head Focus Options
Experiential interaction

Object & Logo Detection Machine Learning Module
Logo detection

The Future
Come back soon for more exciting LOOKINGLASS® news

Our Team is hard at work developing future technologies check back in the coming weeks 


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