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The Stats

Over 360k entries
An average of 2.6 entries per day over 12 weeks
840k landing page visits
60% of codes taken from the Orange flavour

The Challenge

LRS' Lucozade Energy turned temporarily into Larazade to mark a partnership with the release of the Shadow of the Tomb Raider computer game featuring the prominent protagonist Lara Croft.

Targeting the UK's 27 million adult gamers, Lucozade Energy printed special sleeves for their Orange, Original & (special edition) Apple flavours which were aptly name Larazade. More than 80 million promotional bottles were distributed out to stores with a unique 10 digit code etched into the bottle under the label. The three Larazade flavours also featured the on-pack competition, giving adults the chance to win prizes every day. 

Holograph were tasked with building a unique instant win mechanic that could cope with responsive web landing pages, multiple entries, and would adhere to lottery laws and licences across the UK and Republic of Ireland. The instant win mechanic had to run impartially using our specialised digital code. LRS members also needed direct access to competition data, including entries, winners, geographical locations etc., which we provided via our easy-to-use reporting tools.

Prizes included Xbox One X's, exclusive Tomb Raider games, cash prizes and guaranteed in-game currency with every bottle.

larazade dashboard

The Solution

Shadow of the Tomb Raider launched in September, meaning the instant win competition had to be ready, fully tested and live before this date. There was no room for delay as codes were printed on bottles. We successfully built a flourishing campaign that went further than an online entry code. LRS teams took advantage of Holograph DXP via FlowCMS for branded website landing pages, our Fulfilment system for managing entries, integrated and automated email communications, and our secure Consumer Relationship Manager (CRM) and Reporting toolkit for storing and sharing user data. 

Holograph were faced with the added challenge of awarding digital versions of the game which is available on varying consoles (Xbox, PlayStation etc.,) and also providing the right in-game currency to suit the users console device. We developed a way for users to select which console and which in-game currency they wanted to redeem against. We stored choices (submitted by a dynamic form) so that LRS teams could keep track of which specific prize was in demand. They could use Holograph DXP systems to directly contact users if and when needed and manage prizes in a simple way. 

Access to Fulfilment helps team members manage a competition efficiently, reach and evaluate KPIs, and boosts enthusiasm. LRS were able to review competition details easily and respond to demands in prizes as a result.  Using our Holograph DXP toolkit, Larazade was praised as a comprehensive and fully integrated brand campaign.


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