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'Zero to Pay' at Missguided

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The Stats

Over 570k total entries
Averaging over 5k entries per day
Total prizes won just over 510k instant wins
Landing page totalled well over 1 million visits!
77% of entries were repeat consumers

The Challenge

Deploy a 24/7 instant win competition in under 5 weeks with two on pack offer (OPO) competitions running. 

The OPO competitions were due to run parallel on the Lucozade Energy site for 8 weeks, both using codes to submit entries. Therefore, a branded interface was needed for each, so users could submit OPO codes to the correct competition they were entering. An advanced, unbiased system was required to ensure 'wins' were given out to varying users to enhance brand awareness and advocacy. 

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zero to pay on mobile
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The Solution

A supply of unique 6 digit codes were generated by Holograph and printed on Lucozade Zero cans. Users could enter online at the Lucozade Energy website (hosted by Holograph) in our instant win mechanic, all part of the wider Holograph DXP toolkit, where they were instantly told if they'd won a prize to use with Missguided or not. 

This campaign took advantage of our intricate Winner Tools which encompass the sophisticated mechanic of the competition, branded assets, Fulfilment interface to manage winners, and automated emails. With a mobile responsive design, users could enter the code on desktop, tablet, or mobile, with their entry data shared via real-time reporting dashboards with LRS. This gave teams actionable business insights about the campaign.

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