Lucozade Sport Kit-Out Project

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lucozade sport kit-out

The Stats

Over 400k codes entered
More than 21k Kit-Out accounts created
Up to 30k codes added in a single hour
385k visits (70% of all codes entered came from special Rugby World Cup bottles)

The Challenge

Holograph was asked to develop an On Pack Offer (OPO) mechanic that would successfully cater to several stakeholder needs. Lucozade Sport teamed up with Kukari to kit-out consumers. Multiple agencies were involved in delivering the Kit-Out Project, so building a unified and cohesive digital system was essential to manage the campaign.

 First, a tailored customer-facing interface was required to allow users to input and store one-off codes via a website and an app. Codes were also generated by Holograph and then printed on the Lucozade Sport bottles in advance.

Next, an Organiser user dashboard had to be made available for either individuals or teams to add codes to a shared space. The idea was for groups to collectively input codes for equipment or save enough to redeem against bespoke sports kits for their clubs. 

Finally, an exclusively designed Holograph Fulfilment interface was created to bridge communications between LRS Consumer Care, third-party suppliers (for the branded sports gear), and the sports teams themselves.

lucozade sport kit-out mobile
lucozade sport kit-out mobile

The Solution

We built a campaign that promoted Lucozade Sport sales, drove brand awareness and advocacy, and gathered valuable consumer data. Enthusiastic Lucozade Sport users across the U.K and Republic of Ireland could take advantage of this initiative to redeem sports essentials such as cones, water bottles, bibs, and full kits. Various laws and licensing rules were taken into account as the campaign ran across different countries.  

From creating the branded web/app interface to triggering automated emails, from storing information directly in the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to sharing insights via reporting dashboards, Holograph developed an all-encompassing accessible campaign.

LRS teams could assess and evaluate data with our Holograph DXP Real-time Reporting tools and flexible live campaign dashboards. The Holograph Fulfilment and EPIK CRM enabled LRS to work directly with users and third-party suppliers to fulfil Kit-Out orders. The intricately connected series of operations meant Holograph was able to respond quickly to changes in the campaign too and provide support to LRS throughout and beyond.

lucozade sport kit-out


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