Ribena Big Berry Bash

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big berry bash

The Stats

Automated event ticket allocation
Successful national social media campaign
Thousands of attendances

The Challenge

Big Berry Bash is an event created by Ribena to give parents and children a chance to visit vibrant farms where Ribena’s blackcurrants are grown. Big Berry Bash saw four berry farms across the UK welcome hundreds of visitors from near and far. 

The challenge was to build an events system to integrate with Ribena’s Big Berry Bash event to increase brand awareness, brand confidence and drive participation. Also to allow submission management and reporting across user levels within the business to facilitate brand operations.

big berry bash mobile
big berry bash mobile

The Solution

An adaptive webform that can be easily shared across all social platforms which dynamically updates details of the current event and what events are coming up. Securely store submissions into EPIK CRM with Fulfilment Tools to assist in the organisation of events. Data is shared in real-time, allowing LRS teams to respond accordingly and manage the customer experience of the event from sign-up to the farm visit.


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