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The Stats

Total app downloads 94,417
Total number of steps recorded, over 66 billion!

The Challenge

Deliver an app to get people moving, advocate brand loyalty, drive participation, gain consumer insight and increase brand awareness. The app had to be responsive with a smooth design to enhance the user experience. Lucozade Sport wanted to encourage customers to keep on moving, with an incentive to automatically be entered into prize draws the more steps they took. Therefore, a sophisticated and personalised experience needed to be implemented to compliment the user journey.

lz sport made to move app
lz sport made to move app

The Solution

An app capable of integration with all main fitness apps and devices to track movement and collect movement data including; walking, running, swimming, cycling. This could convert to step data for users to automatically be entered into daily and weekly prize draws and earn movement badges. The successful app was built to collect user data which was readily available to LRS teams and fed into real-time reporting dashboards, our EPIK CRM platform, Fulfilment interfaces, and the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), all using the comprehensive Holograph DXP toolkit. The campaign has been featured in The Drum, Sport Industry, and Little Black Book where each highlight keeping fit and healthy, with the Made to Move app encouraging users to do just that!

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