Holograph at Vendex 2019

Holograph at Vendex 2019

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Leading-edge Vending Machine “Shard” powered by Lookinglass®.

Holograph attended Vendex for the unveiling of a leading-edge vending platform with our partners Scobie McIntosh and Regency Design.

The innovation adds an extra layer of functionality to vending and signage technology with advanced real-time consumer interaction and telemetry never before seen in the industry.

Holograph recognised some time ago that brands need to engage and connect with their consumers at all touch points. The vending industry was identified as a good target for our Lookinglass® technology as there are so many environments a vending machine can be placed. Where there is footfall you have an audience to engage with.

Our Lookinglass® technology allows consumers to engage with interactive advertising; advertising and machine managers want to know how their consumers view their advertising, with response rates, head turns and much more. Win win.

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