5 Reasons You Should Be Using Consumer Complaints Management Software

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Consumer Complaints Management Software


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70% of consumers have already decided to support an organisation that delivers excellent customer service.

Are you providing the level of consumer care that your customers expect?

Think of a time when you experienced exceptional customer service. You left with a smile, feeling satisfied and supported. You probably spoke positively about the company and were willing to use their services again. 96% of consumers note that customer service plays an essential role in their loyalty to a brand.

Now, let's consider a time you received poor customer care; did they fail to solve your issue, or perhaps didn't respond at all? Did you tell your friends about the experience? 40% of consumers will recommend others to not use a business as a result of poor customer service. We can all relate to feeling disrespected, disappointed, and quite frankly frustrated, thus would think twice before going back to that brand.

Comments and complaints are inevitable for any business, but managing the feedback is the critical part— cue customer complaints management software! Overhauling the complaints process and tidying up the lines of communication will work wonders towards the success of your business.

Holograph provides a complete solution for customer service agents with EPIK CRM. Our tool seamlessly integrates with your brand and features multichannel support, automatic e-mail responses, work queues and dispatcher mode, and advanced real-time statistics. So, why else should a business make use of a tool like EPIK CRM?

1. Image is everything

Brand perception plays a crucial role in whether someone wants to associate themselves with a company. As you'd expect, this directly impacts brand loyalty. 72% of consumers say that when they liaise with customer support, they expect an agent to know who they are and to have their previous conversations on record. They're likely to feel irritated if nobody responds, or they find themselves repeating their issue again to a new agent, and at that point brand image suffers. Combat these concerns with customer care software that includes auto-responses and digital case files, allowing multiple agents to track and report consumer communications.

2. Retention is cheaper than acquisition

Customers are likely to spend 67% more with a brand they've purchased from before. Therefore, it is profitable to invest in the consumers you already know. The cost of acquiring a new customer is 6-7 times more expensive than retaining a current one. A consumer care platform allows you to manage customers from one central place. Collate feedback and utilise this information to nurture your consumers so they keep coming back to your brand.

3. Meet KPIs

Insights into customer care are incredibly useful for business strategy and learning. Still, it can be mind-boggling and time-consuming to aggregate the data. Customer complaints software allows a company to explore real-time results, user dashboards, and advanced reporting tools. This leaves more time to analyse the results as opposed to collecting them. These insights can be the difference between meeting KPIs or not, especially as it is clear that customer service is integral to business success.

4. Supported teams = supported business

Let's not forget about the team members who manage customer complaints, whether that be one member in a small business or a whole floor of employees. How they feel impacts their role, and this role is one that already comes with its challenges. Providing the right equipment can empower agents. 87% of workers who are happy in their position are willing to work harder for their consumers. Customer complaints software gives your teams the tools they need to work effectively and efficiently, making them feel valued too.

5. Competitive advantage (winner winner)

Excellent customer service delivers competitive advantage, which makes a brand stand out as a leader in its industry. 50% of customers say they switched to a new brand because they felt it was able to better satisfy their needs. If you're on top of your game, then you could be the brand that they turn to. Manage complaints pro-actively and work with consumers to learn from their experiences. Stand out from competitors with a straightforward complaints procedure and leave customers fulfilled. It's a no brainer! ​

We offer a bespoke customer care platform that's shaped to suit your needs. EPIK CRM gives you a straightforward tool to master customer service while leaving your teams feeling confident.


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