7 Top Tips For Working From Home

7 Top Tips For Working From Home


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Whether you're a seasoned home worker or have been thrown into the deep end by current circumstances (a virus that shall not be named), home working comes with its own challenges.

The idea may seem novel and exciting initially but fast forward a week or two, when your back is aching from slumping over your laptop on the sofa, you're struggling to concentrate, and you're pining for the commute to the office you once peeled yourself out of bed for.

But never fear, Holograph is here to give you our top tips on getting the most out of home working.

1. Set up a proper working space.

You may not have an office at home or a desk you can use but improvise to make an environment as close to an office set up as possible. A dining table or a dressing table will serve you well. Clear the area of any distractions and set up your equipment in a practical way. Laptop in front of you, notepads and pens within easy reach. Phone to hand. Try and make sure the area around you is tidy and clear of clutter. Tidy space, tidy mind.

2. Make sure you're adequately equipped.

Is your machine's software up to date? Necessary batteries charged? Do you have your favourite pen? A notepad? Highlighters? Virtual meeting software? Try and think about all the things you will use regularly. Set them up within comfortable reach and make sure they're all functioning correctly.

3. Stick to your routine!

Without the need to commute you'll be getting some much needed extra Zzz's before you start work. Give yourself plenty of time to have breakfast, get showered, dressed and be ready for a day at work. Wear the most comfortable version of whatever you would normally wear for work to help get you in the right mindset and resist the urge to get up 5 minutes before you're due to start. Flumping down in front of your laptop with your Disney PJ's on with toast in hand isn't going to provide the best work mentality. Also, take your usual breaks and switch off at the end of the working day; it is just as important to have breaks from your work and screen at home as it is in the office.

4. Keep in touch.

Working from home can be lonely. It's not uncommon to shy away from verbal communication after an extended period of isolation. Don't let that happen. Call your colleagues, continue to have your usual project and catchup meetings via video chat. There is plenty of free video and screen sharing software available online. Perhaps schedule a virtual lunch break with a colleague or pick up the phone instead of sending an email. Stay connected and keep communicating!

5. Leave the housework for breaks.

So, you're thinking 'I'm working from home, think of all the extra chores I can get done!' But housework is a massive distraction. You'll get up to switch the tumble dryer on and notice the dishwasher has finished, so you'll quickly empty and refill it, and you may as well put another load of washing in the machine while you're up. Somehow 45 minutes have passed. Add another 15 minutes to get your head back in the game and before you know it you've lost an hour of work. You wouldn't be completing house chores in the office, so avoid distraction and keep the focus on your business role. Of course, having dinner prepped before you finish work a great perk, but do it in your lunch break.

6. Make sure people understand you are working from home.

Anyone who has worked from home before is likely to have battled with this one. You're at home; therefore, you must be available to those around you, right? Friends, parents, housemates, partners, kids - if they can see you, they want you. It may just be for a quick chat or a cup of tea, or (our personal favourite) the "can you just" requests. No! I am working. Be strict with your loved ones; let them know when you are available and set rational expectations. Be firm but kind; "I can't talk/help/look right now, but I'll be free at X oclock". Show younger children where the hands need to be on the clock before you can give them your attention and set them up with entertainment or activities before you start working.

7. Stay away from the fridge!

The urge to pick throughout the day is strong when the stocked fridge and cupboards are in such easy reach. One of our colleagues recently joked that she needed to get a lock for her fridge. It's not the worst idea we've heard – the struggle is real. Instead, try and start the day with your food prepared. Put together the usual packed lunch and healthy snacks you'd take to work if you were in the office. Be strict yet reasonable and preserve your waistline, your health, your wallet, and your sanity.

We hope you find this advice helpful – for more handy tips check out HoloViews . Stay motivated and most of all stay safe. Follow our social media for regular news and updates:


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