"While we are known for our websites, we know the rest of our data iceberg is far important to you"

What to Expect From us 

In short, we analyse and report on 'human interaction with digital experience'

For most of those who use our service, this is using Holograph's
'SiriusOS Reporting Platform' 

SiriusOS CRM is our integrated Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and Data Management System (DMS) that securely stores data and provides brands with powerful segmentation tools.

Across all KPIs we are measuring so our customers can know what's happening "in the moment".

Unique reporting per project, per brand with re-useable report elements from a reporting widget library. Easy to view, easy to navigate, clear and concise data on one screen. 

Real-time reporting by Holograph

Active Reporting Frameworks: 286

Display Variants: 87

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