EPIK Consumer Relationship Management for your business

Your relationships with your customers and stakeholders are at the core of what you do. Helping you manage and maintain those relationships is what we do. Our integrated and efficient customer care tool makes it easy to take these relationships from good to EPIK. Here’s how:


Never miss out on a chance to connect with your customers again. EPIK CRM automatically processes, analyses, and classifies incoming and outgoing contact from all touchpoints including email, social media, and website form submissions so you can easily access all your leads in one place.

khoros integration
CRM contact  form support


No learning curve here. EPIK CRM makes it easy to enhance your business operations by integrating seamlessly with your existing systems. From incoming calls to social media comments, EPIK allows you to store and manage all your consumer communications in one place, effortlessly.

CRM integration platform


Staying on top of all of your incoming communication and keeping customers in the loop has never been easier. With automatic email confirmation and responses, EPIK CRM helps to ensure that your customers are never kept waiting to hear from you.

CRM email

Factory & Lab Integration Support

Why stop at improving your customer communications? EPIK CRM’s integration support makes it possible for your Consumer Care, Quality Control, Lab and Factories teams to exchange information easily and securely, helping to avoid backups and organisational silos.

factory and lab integrated support


Provide your customers with the answers they need right when they want them. EPIK’s intelligent suggestions enable your care team to to provide solutions faster by offering related responses to customer queries, while FAQs can be effortlessly integrated into the letters and emails you send out.

CRM cases


Overcome the language barrier and cater to customers across your worldwide markets with EPIK’s Global Language Support. The system, FAQs, and care forms can be used in any language but allow you to retain complete control over all translations, meaning you can ensure your message is right for all your audiences.

CRM language support


Enable your team to perform at their peak. EPIK CRM helps maximise efficiency by using work queues to quickly sort and assign newly created cases, allowing you to choose the right team member for the job every time.

workqueues mode

Advanced real-time statistics and reporting

Why settle for average insights when your reporting can be EPIK? Our platform monitors the key performance indicators your team cares most about, including case response times and customer satisfaction. With our role sensitive customisable dashboards, this information is easy to digest and accessible to those it is most relevant to.

Advanced reporting


If you are interested in making your customer relationships EPIK, please fill out this form and someone from our support team will be in touch as soon as possible.

Don’t see a feature you’re looking for? No worries! Holograph’s EPIK CRM platform is as versatile as you want it to be. Our team is happy to work with you to tailor our tool to fit the specific needs of your business.

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